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The copyright is stronger than service mark right.

An Olympic emblem is an embezzlement problem, and I'm shaking.
Because there is no service mark right, IOC and JOC are saying safeness.
But when I conflict in something a copyright is when catching service mark right.
A copyright is given priority to.
Anything given priority to most by production of a movie?
What and, it's good, a copyright as an original work.
When tracing the design, a thing as another work can be called, but when there is no origin, nothing will be done.
If so the first idea and image were expressed somewhere, it can be said inevitably occurrence of a copyright.
Everyone's sentences on which you're writing a blog and a picture are also defended by a copyright. When even Art also leaves an essay for music on the internet in youtube, even a novel generates your copyright naturally.
by kandytensui | 2015-08-19 00:33