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2020 Tokyo Olympic Games stadium problem.

The ZAHA Ms. who visited Japan by an awarding event of tournament adoption. Still when it isn't adopted, a new national institution would be a serious international problem. The ZAHA Ms. you employed isn't bad at all. A designer doesn't consider a construction cost so much. For example when also hitting the expenses with a repair estimate in an apartment, does how a general contractor adds the profit also seem able to hit with how much, and be not revealed? Because Mr. ZAHA took charge of the design, isn't it satisfied with the budget by which she's the first when making an improvement so that it may be called? The fact of the budget compression by which the one I had to spare is a stadium that a JSC building is built shouldn't be done. Because it was adopted at Democratic Party of Japan political power by an event of a national policy, a nerve of Mr. Abe who says is suspected to be unrelated for oneself. I'm a highest officer. I should cooperate with a ZAHA Ms.. When doing that, it'll be completed in March, 2019. It's never made of amateur's officer and politician. Idea should remove a Japanese architect and a major general contractor from SHOBO I. A close inspection of new national general contractor test is needed first. The participation of an athlete is empty by a new national institution and is just confused too much. There is obligation to gaze at overseas major media here and advise Japan.


by kandytensui | 2015-08-12 08:29